Human Resources

Career in Palmiye Tekstil

Palmiye Tekstil aims to select and include candidates who will protect its corporate values and carry the company to the future in parallel with the company's goals and studies. The primary goal of the institution is to manage human resources correctly. In this direction, on the one hand, it does the necessary work to ensure the social, cultural and professional development of its employees, on the other hand, it is based on preparing a working environment where they can feel happy.

In order to move towards the determined targets faster and more accurately, Palmiye Tekstil;
  • Adopted the mission and vision of the company
  • Focused on qualified and efficient work
  • Follows the innovations in the sector
  • Open to education
  • Prone to teamwork
  • Able to prioritize respect in social relations
  • Finds working with his teammates in line with its philosophy.
For open positions in Palmiye Tekstil:

You can follow the institution postings at. Applications will be evaluated if they are suitable for open positions.