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Environmental protection, recycling and prevention of pollution are our primary principles in all activities of Palmiye Tekstil.

We recycle 70% of waste water

The most basic necessity of both nature and people for the continuation of life is natural life and natural resources. For the sustainability of natural life, the greatest power is recycling. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials, as well as reusing recyclable materials as raw materials saves a great deal of energy. The use of waste materials as raw materials is also of great importance in terms of preventing environmental pollution. As a manufacturer company aware of its responsibilities, we recycle and reuse 70% of the waste water generated during our operations. In order to use natural resources efficiently, we ensure that recycled materials such as paper and plastic are stored regularly with our waste classification department.

We invest in clean technology and applications

The sustainability of natural resources is in line with our production sustainability. The reason for this is that we take our energy from nature and protect nature by recycling. We act with the awareness of the necessity of taking care of natural resources for the continuity of life; we continue our production without leaving our footprints in nature. We invest in clean technologies and practices that will continuously increase energy and water efficiency and reduce our waste. We make the necessary improvements in our production processes in order to keep the electricity, water and natural gas usage at an optimal level, at the same time, we prefer to use equipment with minimum emission values. We do not consume more than necessary; we integrate renewable energy sources into our system; we ensure that our entire team acts in a common language of behavior in line with our production awareness; we produce in line with a sustainable roadmap, we present it to our stakeholders.

We meet 25% of our energy needs from the sun.

Most of the electricity produced in the world comes from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. These fossil fuels produce harmful emissions that affect air, water and soil quality; the greenhouse gases produced when they burn lead to increased global temperatures and climate change. On the other hand, solar energy, which is a 100% clean, renewable energy source, produces no pollution and offers an unlimited energy source. Solar energy is the most valuable alternative to all fossil fuels and its use reduces the carbon footprint and greenhouse gases around the world. With all this knowledge, recycling and awareness of protecting nature, we, as Palmiye Tekstil, meet 25% of our energy needs from the sun with our solar panels.

We are the only company in Turkey that can recycle 70% of wastewater

One of the most important problems of the century in our world is the decrease in usable water resources. It can be predicted that our country will also face problems such as a decrease in water resources and drought over time, and that usable water resources will decrease with increasing population and environmental pollution. For this reason, the quality and availability of water in all production processes is critical for our business continuity. We work to make water use more efficient both in our factory and in our offices, and we ensure industrial reuse of water. As the only company in Turkey that can recycle 70% of wastewater, we protect the environment and contribute to the preservation of water resources for future generations.

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